A visit to the Ter Apel medieval festival is like a visit to a medieval fair. Just like in 1465, travelers – mostly soldiers and mercenaries, but also merchants, craftsmen and musicians – set up camp around the monastery. They come because of the traditional annual festival. The participants show a lot of commitment, everything was organized with great attention to detail.

The medieval festival takes place on the grounds of the centuries-old Crusader monastery in Ter Apel, to represent the life in the Middle Ages historically best. The monastery offers an impressive atmosphere, which underlines the unique experience of the medieval festival. Furthermore, it is the only remaining rural monastery in Northwest Europe. Since 1992 the monastery Ter Apel belongs to the UNESCO “Top 100” of immovable objects in the Netherlands.

During the medieval festival Ter Apel the monastery is open and can be visited without additional costs. Inside you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere or enjoy various medieval performances. Inside the monastery garden there is a beautiful herb garden with almost 130 different plants. A unique place to enjoy beautiful music and singing.
There is a lot to discover, besides a medieval market where you can buy handmade products. There will be re-enactments of battles of knights and workshops. For young and old an exciting festival, where you can also actively participate in the action. Have fun!

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